Membership application

Membership of the Mutfak Dostları Association begins with the recommendation of a full member. The prospective member fills out the entry form and provides the requested information, and then participates in an event of the association. Candidacy applications are evaluated at the Board of Directors meeting and candidates who meet the appropriate conditions are accepted for membership as a result of voting. One of the primary requirements for becoming a member of the association is the candidate's interest in cuisine and gastronomy.

Current members

Mutfak Dostları Association; It is open to everyone who contributes to gastronomy and gastronomy culture by writing, reading or practicing. For this reason, the professions of the association members cover a wide range. Among the members; There are chefs and gourmets, food writers, food industrialists, restaurant owners, as well as people from different professions such as architects, tourism professionals, doctors, lawyers and accountants. In short, Mutfak Dostları; It is an association of those who love food culture. The board of directors of the association, which has around 250 members, is meticulous in examining member requests and evaluates member profiles in line with the spirit of friendship of the association in three- to four-month periods.


Candidates accepted for membership wear regalia with a silver symbolic spoon on a burgundy-gray collar at meetings and friendly dinners. Before the meal begins, the large silver spoon, which is the symbol of the association, is ceremoniously given to the president. At gala dinners, the president starts the meal by having the people he chooses taste the food.

Application for membership candidacy